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Nicole Marcoux-Perry is a Montreal-based pottery artist.  Her pieces are handmade and high-temperature reduction-fired in a gas kiln that creates exceptional nuances in color.

Her distinctive glazing technique evokes a sense of movement and makes each piece an original work of art. 

Nicole finds inspiration in the modernist movement of the 1930s, when master potters moved away from ornate Victorian pieces and focused on pure, simple forms that are still relevant today. 

“I want each piece to make an intimate connection with its owner that will last a lifetime.  Whether it’s an oil bottle, teapot, or a decorative vase, it’s important to me that my work convey this sense of comfort and timelessness. 

           Nicole Marcoux-Perry
                         Pottery Artist
Message from Nicole...
When I think about it, making handmade pottery out of stoneware or porcelain, whether it's a teapot, a whimsical cup, a lamp, or a one-a- kind art piece, has been a life-long journey.

It's a journey that started in primary school when I first learned how to knit, crochet, and sew.  Later, in my twenties, I took a three-year course in haute couture, where I created exclusive custom-fitted clothes, like winter coats and suits.

But I wasn't finished.  While pursuing a business degree in finance I did needlepoint, made customized pillows, curtains, and chair covers.  

After that, while doing freelance work in the film industry, and at the suggestion of a friend, I took a 10-week night course in pottery, of which I knew absolutely nothing.  But I loved a new challenge, and I was hooked from the moment I put my hands in the clay.
So I stopped freelancing and went back to school full-time, majoring in ceramics.  I learned how to throw, hand-build, make glazes, and fire pottery in electric and gas kilns.  
I furthered my knowledge about gas reduction and wood firing by attending workshops given by master potters from the United States, Europe, and Japan, such as Jeff Shapiro, Claude Champy, and Shozo Michikawa.
After graduating, I started Perry Pottery.
Happily, I have finally arrived at a place where I feel I belong.  I get to draw from all my past artistic expressions and somehow they all come together and influence my pottery.
I’ve sold my pottery at craft fairs and boutiques, including the One-of-A-Kind Show, the Salon des Métiers d'art de Montréal, 1001 Pots, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Gardiner Museum, and the Art Gallery of Ontario.
It’s important for you to know that I throw, hand-build, trim, and glaze every piece I make.  I don’t hire anyone to do any of this work for me.  
The result: a smaller collection with an attention to detail and the highest quality possible.  It also means that when you purchase my signed work, you can be sure I made it, and it’s an original piece that you can enjoy for a lifetime.
Nicole Marcoux
my potter’s mark
It’s genuine!
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